hiking to snorkeling spots 35 minutes away from muscat 
off the beaten path hike  to a secluded beach 🏖 away from bustle hustle in hidden gem for relaxation & snorkeling you will see amazing marine 🐠 🐟 life and chilll by the beach . we can provide snorkeling gear pick up drop
25rial per person



Salalah  microclimate adventures  we can    organize a private trip for a group minum 7 to 15 in the month of AUG 2019 pre booking needed and at least 2 weeks prior   
Perfect escape of the summer. To mansion session , Khareef means an autumn, however in fact it is a drizzle, fog that turns area into a tropical paradise with verdant landscapes, mist shrouded mountains, gurgling streams and flowing wadis. Monsoon typically arrives in mid June, by the time we travel greenery should be in bloom, temperature around 25C and you ll have a serious trouble to believe that you are still in the Middle East.

We will cover   the most unique Salalah spots in this trip in a way that each and every one is very different from another to make you wow! and crave to stay there for longer.

Dhofar mountains are spectacular on its own with the high cliffs of 800-1500 mtrs, massive wadis and the geological limestone faults called Sinkholes.
We will be travelling from one point to the other in rented 4Wd   



bander khiran
Approximately 20 kilometres away from the Shangri-la Barr Al Jissah,  — perfect place to kayak, swim, camp,  etc
kayaking in wonderful area & snorkeling you will see unbelievable marine life:
surgeon,tiger,angel,butterfly fishes,turtles
🐢 taking a break and enjoy half day kayaking we offer guided kayak tour camping possible there in beatifull bays

30 rial per person



horse riding outdoors

Horse riding with mix of culture and heritage. Sunset ride up the wadi to an old village with many ruins. Chance for both men and women to try on traditional Omani clothing. horse riding in omani style

5 km ride independently or with assistance.



explore the most famous wadi in oman hike to swim  in a cave  waterfall

Photo Sep 12, 2 00 07 PM.jpg


Trek 1 ½ hour along a balcony at 2000m, passing the abandoned village of Sap Bani Kamis. This route takes you to the start of a stunning 150m vertical climb which then leads to the best view on Jebel Shams.
Attached to a steal cable via specialised equipment you ascend the original route that the villages once took but with no protection, using wooden pegs and chock stones to assist in their climb. Behind you is the Arabian Grand Canyon (Wadi Gul) with an exposure of over 1000m.
No previous experience is required but you will need a reasonable level of fitness and a head for heights.
4×4 is needed to access the location.

Food water we make a stop 🛑 to buy own food

40 omr per person self drive
50 omr per person + (transportation)

more discount for a group



Mibam waterfall adventures

30minute drive from tiwi till the village
will start hiking in old village through farm till we reach waterfall sneaking to abseil 15 mitre down to explore hidden paradise.

grade 2
moderate adventure

4x4 🚘 needed



Aquatic hiking in Wadi Bani Khalid

An easy quatic hike in one of the most beautiful wadis of oman. We start from the village of betha. We walk across its luxuriant palm garden to reach he entrance of the garden. We then walk between large boulders to arrive to 2 wonderful pools with waterfalls. In one of these we can jump from 10 meters.or rappelling  We keep on walking in the water and the swim several long pools (until 300 meters). The valley then widens and we discover Seeq's garden which we cross to arrive in the village.

- Level 1    
- Approximative length : 5 hours
- Walking time : 3 a 5 hours



Right Hand Fork Snake Canyon – This  Canyoning trip though more technical than the left fork as it has a 30m and 10m abseil. All training and instruction is given on site by the instructors.
Helmets, Harness and buoyancy aids are supplied . you will pass through Snake Canyon with steep walls that rise 100m – 150m high above you, narrowing at one point to only a couple of meters wide.
A reasonable standard of fitness is required to do this tour as there is swimming, walking, jumping and scrambling involved.
This trip is based on around 4 hours depending on the size of the group.
4×4 is needed to access the location.

small sized back-pack so that you can carry your water (the back pack will get wet)
Comfortable, loose fitting clothes that you can swim in or a shorty wetsuit.
A change of clothes for the journey back.
Light comfortable trainers or boots (which will get wet-NO SANDALS)
If you have a wet suit, please bring it
The only thing you need to take with you into the canyon is your helmet, Life jacket, (both provided by MDAC) water and if you have one a waterproof camera, anything else can be left in the car for when you return.

We will be leaving Muscat early to be at Zammer (exit of the canyon) at 7.30am.

cost is
40 omr per person self drive.  2-3 people
55 omr all inclusive (4x4 transport and lunch)      more discount for a group



desert drive and  camp site under the stars



  Aquatic hiking in Wadi A Hail

We start in the village of As Suwaih. Aready at the end of the track is a wonderful pool and a small waterfall. From the cliff a 5 meters jump is possible. We then start the walk. Quickly we find flowing water and walk across large boulders. The canyon then narrows and we have to swim across several pools (it is possible to jump there also). The valley widens a little and narrows again. We swim again and arrive to the end of the canyon : a high waterfal, large pool, and huge boulders…We come back the same way.

- Level 1    
- Approximative length : 7 heures
- Walking time : 4 a 6 heures



7th Hole World Class experience!!!

Descend into one of the biggest cave chambers in Oman: 7th Hole.

Adventure. Starts with a short hike and with 2 drops total about 80 meters, then short climb and scramble involved there we are in the main chamber leave the dream & explore the area,

Training & instruction will be held in new trampoline cente
before the trip to ensure you are familiar with the equipment and skills you need.

High to easonable standard of fitness is required to do this trip as there is a long descent, walking and scrambling involved.

❍ Trip Details

• meet up and leaving muscat by 6:30 am or camping a night before
We start venturing by 10:00am
Finishing 430 pm approx

• day trip



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The dhow cruise.png


Hiking,kayaking ,snorkeling trek

📍bander khiarn

guided   trek for a group

hike to a beach 🏖 where you will get your kayak , kayaking & snorkeling through the sunset in amazing trek & sea breeze

hiking/snorkeling/ kayaking swimming

hike 4 km : easy hike
Duration.  U: 40 minutes hike
• Guided hike
•safety gear
• Experienced mountain Guide
• Assistant Guide(s)
• First Aid
• Fun and Entertaining
• water & fruits welcoming date & Omani coffee 🍉 before kayaking
•snorkeling gear
•assistant boat

•. Sun protection

• Escape to nature and explore new area
• Exciting Adventure

•hiking shoes. Or
sport shoes
• Sun protection
•comfortable clothes for hike and kayaking you will get wet
• Any extra things you need

By completing booking of this trip, you acknowledge full responsibility of understanding and agreeing to waiver

❍ Group  FEE
•   40 rial  per  p 1-2

•   30 rial  per  p    4

•   25 rial  per  p  5-6

•   20 rial  per  p  8-15

includes hike+kayak + snorkeling 🤿 gear
Water fruits 🍎 soft drinks before kayaking

• additional ad  5 rial  per person for tranportation

•additional ad  lunch , dinner  4 rial  per p

Advance booking preferred to secure